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Rosy Rings started in my basement over fifteen years ago. Surrounded by five cats and the chug chug of a washing machine, I poured my first candles. My tools: a tiny crock pot and a few dented molds. My ingredients: chunks of sticky beeswax, vials of essential oils and botanicals dried in my very own dehydrator. It wasn’t until I came up with the original Spicy Apple Botanical candle that I knew I was onto something. And even then, I wasn’t sure what that something was. But when I lost my day job as a bike messenger I decided to turn my candle hobby into my career.

Rather naively, I applied to two national trade shows and was accepted. Things moved quickly that first year as I relocated from my kitchen to my basement to a 1,000 square foot Quonset hut to a 4,400 square foot building. I sold more candles than I thought possible and my net gain was… all of $6,000. Christmas was my only day off.

Since those humble and, quite honestly, very exciting days things have changed a lot. We moved into our current 15,000 square foot facility. We buy wax by the ton instead of by the case. I own a forklift.

However, some things have stayed the same: like I still make runs for lunch and toilet paper. Seriously though, we still hand produce all of our candles right here in Denver, and a few tweaks notwithstanding, we still make them the same way we did 14 years ago.

Take our Botanical Candles: Turn one over and you’ll see it's actually two candles. The entire process of pouring, stuffing, repouring, melting the edges, wrapping it and the countless other tasks take two whole days! And because this point bears repeating: all of this is done by hand. Here’s another one: every shell, cone and flower is squeezed through a tiny opening in our glass diffuser bottle. It’s a painstaking process but the result is breath taking. Our products are just too complex to be mass-produced. I know this because I’ve seen knock-offs of my candles at mass retailers. They don’t look right, and they certainly don’t smell the same.

I still find designing new products to be an exciting, sometimes aggravating, and ultimately rewarding experience. Living in an urban area and working in an industrial corridor I understand how difficult it can be to connect to the beauty of nature. Candlemaking has always been a way for me to bring elements of the outdoors into my home. A scoop of lavender, a humble bowl of dried leaves or an illuminated botanical candle are all small reminders of the beauty the natural world offers us.

I hope you enjoy Rosy Rings products. I’d love to hear your input.